COPA Flight 165

Lac La Biche Flying Club – Copa Flight# 165

May 24th, 2023

Members in attendance, Oriana K, Jordan G, Paul G, Tatiana K, Dale G, Ken Z, Boyd H, Claude E, Adam G, & Dan H.

1.0 Meeting called to order at 19:00 by Oriana K. Review & open agenda to additions- no additions brought forward. Motion to accept agenda by Dale G, second by Ken Z. Motion carried

2.0 Additions to Agenda & Acceptance of Agenda. Motion to accept agenda by Dale G. second by Adam G. Motion carried.

3.0 i) Review of Ice Fly-In. 1st Day 67 aircraft 2nd Day 22 aircraft

ii) Discuss Getting help from other flying clubs such as Bonnyville who have offered in the past.

iii) Treasurers Report From Ice Fly In

iv) Discuss possibility of purchasing new signs for events

4.0 Discover Aviation – Disccussion regarding lack of vounteers and time to run the event before the end of the school year. Was decided to pass on the event and focus on splash in event in September.

5.0 Splash in event planned to 2nd Weekend in September 9th & 10th on Beaver Lake.

6.0 CYLB fly in for coffee & donuts. Discussed a tentative date for a easy quick event June 11th, 2023 from 9a.m to noon. We will keep an eye on the weather and make a decision the week prior to the event

7.0 2023 Fly Ins

i- Camrose 64th Annual Fly in Breakfast May 29th 7am to noon

ii- Cold Lake Fly in Breakfast June 3rd 8am to noon

iii- Bonnyville Fly in Breakfast June 17th 7am to 11a.m

iv- Iron Creek Coffee & Goodies Every 3rd Saturday of the Month

v- Oriana’s Farm Fly-in set for September 17th, 2023

vi- Red Deer Airshow July 29th & 30th

vii- Cooking Lake 100th Year Anniversary August 19th & 20th. Recurrent training 10 a.m to noon Registration at 9a.m $50 Fee.

Parade, Car Show, Pow WoW & Kids activities.

8.0 Transport Canada NPA deadline June 5th

9.0 School Presentation request by grade 6 Teacher at Local School.

10.0 Copa National Covention June 10th & 11th

11.0 Meeting Adjourned 19:54