COPA Flight 165

Lac La Biche Flying Club – Copa Flight# 165 Meeting March 28th, 2022

Members in attendance

Rick S, Bernie B, Ken Z, Dan H, Dale G, Oriana K, Paul G, Jordan G, Boyd H, Steve P, Debra H, & Gerald W.

1.0 Meeting called to order at 19:06 by Oriana K. Review & open agenda to additions-. Motion to accept agenda by Dale G, second by Gerald W. Motion carried

2.0 Additions to Agenda- Copa National April 8th to 10th

3.0 Hope Air – June 9th, 2022

i. Fundraising- All Funds raised will be donated.  Our club goal is $5,000.00.  Donate at

ii.Discussions around either having a Fly-in breakfast to raise money and support for Hope Air

iii. Any members wanting to be part of the tour for 1 or more legs must register at Hope Air

iv. We can expect 15-20 planes arriving late afternoon on June 9th. Plan is to have a welcome party with the Mayor and a crowd to welcome the group.

v. We could put together swag bags for the Hope Air group

vi. Our flying club plans on donating $500.00 to Hope Air.

vii. Look at options to transport pilots from Terminal to Ramada hotel.  Possibly LLB County Para transit Bus

viii. Plan to put a list together of members available to volunteer

4.0 Discovery Aviation

Is the re-branded version of Copa for Kids.  Plans to possibly hold Discovery Fly-in this Fall.

5.0 Pilot Currency- 

Couple options for Pilot Currency with Westlock and Vegreville  .

6.0 A night in the Woods- This event is setup to simulate being stranded with only your emergency pilot kit

7.0 ATC- Around the Table Conversation. What you flying members want to see more of out of the flying club. Poker Rally, Slash In

8.0 Copa National- Set for April 8-10th 

9.0 Meeting Adjourned 19:53