COPA Flight 165

Lac La Biche Flying Club – Copa Flight# 165 Annual General Meeting September 20th, 2021

Members in attendance

Oriana Kononchuk, Dale Gauthier, Ken Wolak, Dan Holt, Ken Zachkewick

1.0 Meeting called to order at 7:03p.m. Review & open agenda to additions- 10. Vii. -Quarterly Meetings

. Motion to accept agenda by Dale G, second by Ken W. Motion carried

2.0 Review 2020 AGM minutes. No errors or omissions. Motion to accept minutes by Ken Z. second by Ken W carried.

3.0 Business arising from last AGM – None

4.0 Treasurers report by Paul Gauthier – Oriana K. Reports in Paul’s absence. See report. Bank Accout balance $6,618.47

Motion for acceptance of treasury report by Dan H, second Dale G, motion carried.

5.0 Society Annual Return was filed on July 31st 2021, AGM must be held before October 1st each year.

6.0 Motion for Membership fees to remain at $50.00 per member by Dale G, second by Ken W, Motion carried.

7.0 Nomination & Election of Officers

-President – Oriana K. Acclaimed  -VP/Secretary – Jordan Gauthier  -Treasurer- Paul Gauthier

By communication to the President incumbents agree to let name stand in current positions.

8.0 Updated Member list available on our club website

9.0 Year in Review. No events to report due to COVID

10.0 Year Ahead

i.-Oriana’s Farm Fly-meet September 26th, 2021

ii.-Ice Fly-In Festival of Speed February 26 & 27, 2022

iii.- Group Fly In’s

iv.- Copa for kids

v. Copa for seniors (New COPA National Program expanding)

vi.-Expenditures. Hats from AGA $630. Approved by President

vii.- Meeting Frequency. Discussion to move to quarterly meetings or on as needed basis. Motion for acceptance of Quarterly meetingd by Ken W, 

second Dan H, motion carried.

This will start after the next scheduled meeting Monday, October 18th, 2021

11.0 Meeting Adjourned 7:34p.m.